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The city of Bariloche is located in South-West Argentina, in the province of Río Negro at the foot of the Andes. Population: 113,450 inhabitants (2010 Census).

Marcos Paz:municipio-de-marcos-paz

The city of Marcos Paz is located in East-Central Argentina, in the province of Buenos Aires, 30 miles (48 km) away from the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital city. Population: 54,181 inhabitants (2010 Census).


Temuco is in the South of Chile and is the capital city of the province of Cautín, located 385 miles (619 km) away from Santiago de Chile, Chile’s capital city. Population: 264,642 inhabitants (2014 Census).

Pando, Barros Blancos and Colonia Nicolich:logo_udelar-otra-opcion

These three Uruguayan districts belong to the political division of Canelones. Populations: Pando: 25,949 inhabitants – Barros Blancos: 31,650 inhabitants – Colonia Nicolich: 9,624 inhabitants (2011 Census).